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March 2024 // Article // Data visualization

At metagram Solutions, we are proud to share a recent success story in our ongoing commitment to drive innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Through our collaboration with a trusted Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) client, we have successfully implemented a live production data dashboard that is revolutionizing the way our client operates. This article delves into the details of our approach and the remarkable benefits it has brought to the table.


Our implementation strategy revolves around the seamless integration of the in-depth operational capability between the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) PAS|X and PowerBI data visualization. By combining these powerful tools, we have created a solid data model and streamlined visualization that offers our clients a consolidated and real-time overview of all relevant production data like change over times, production performance monitoring, yield levels, OTIF, and RFT.


Enhanced Decision-Making: The integration of PowerBI enables visually appealing and interactive representations of complex manufacturing data. Immediate access to this data allows for timely decision-making and proactive issue resolution.

Operational Efficiency: With immediate insights from visualized MES (PAS|X) data, both shopfloor and management can act promptly to increase operational efficiency. Batch release times can be monitored and any potential delay can be avoided proactively.

Predictive analysis & Continuous Improvement: The implemented data visualization enables the organization to predict future trends based on historical data. Next to that, providing access to new sources of manufacturing data contributes to continuous improvement to further increase quality and efficiency levels.


The successful implementation of a live production data overview is a testament to our commitment to drive positive change in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. At metagram Solutions, we believe that innovation should not be stifled by regulatory challenges but should instead be embraced as a catalyst for growth. Due to the in-depth knowledge of both the pharmaceutical production environment and digitalization, the specific expertise of metagram Solutions guaranteed the client’s success. We are excited about the possibilities this technology brings and look forward to continuing our journey of transforming the pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape.

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